HBD Flobamora Community

My second home,
You are four years old now,
One big family, full of love,
Though sorrow came.

I love you, Flobamora Community
When tired and wound pierced my soul,
You always gave me the warmth of a family.
How can I not love you?
Tell me :)

And today ...
I think I'm falling in love
On a man who never I imagined before!
He has a heart like ocean,
He has a gentle smile like cotton,
He's got everything I want.

Bu I realize,
He also had another love,
His love for that woman so strong engraved in his heart.
And I ... I can not have him.
So poor I am. Yess.

Ah ... Love is os mysterious
I love a man who never I imagined before.
We are friend ...

And I was unable to reach him
I'm quite ashamed to admit it
I love him.
He who never knew my smile always inflate everytime I saw his coming.



Selalu ada harapan.
Harapan selalu ada.
Ada selalu harapan.
Untuk kita ... manusia ...
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